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General Terms of Use

This website owned and operated by Petals. In using this website, you agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions, as outlined by Petals. We reserve the right to alter these terms at any time we choose, and each change will take immediate effect.

Trademark and Copyright Restrictions

As the owner of this website, Petals owns all rights to the materials featured. This includes images, audio clips, text, downloads and software that may be available on the site. You may not copy or reproduce the material here for commercial purposes, unless you receive prior permission in writing from our company.

Privacy and Security

In using any of the website operated by Petals, you acknowledge our ability to collect and use personal information that you provide us with. The information that we collect is incredibly limited, and we only use it to complete your purchases. Additionally, the information you give us will improve your experience as a consumer who utilises Petals.

Promotional Materials

As the owners and operators of this website, Petals may contact you on occasion. You may receive emails, faxes or posted mail with promotional information about our newest products. If you would like to opt out of receiving such items, simply email us at flower@petals.com.hk. We will gladly remove you from our mailing list.

Illegal and Fraudulent Activities

Any user who takes the materials owned by Petals and uses them for illegal and/or fraudulent activities is subject to both legal and civil prosecution. Additionally, placing orders under a fake name or with a credit card obtained through fraudulent means is considered an illegal activity. Petals may choose to pursue legal action in these situations.

The owners and operators of Petals will only share your information with a third party if it is a necessary factor in completing and delivering your order. We will not disclose any personal information to a third party for a commercial purpose.

In some cases, customers desire the ability to send flowers anonymously. This is a possibility; however, the sender must provide us with the information necessary to complete an electronic transaction. In certain situations, we may be forced to disclose information.

Petals will not use cookies to store any of your financial data beyond what is necessary to make the purchase.

Pricing and Transactions

Each price listed on our website is accurate n Hong Kong dollars, unless otherwise stated. The only exception to this condition is in the case of a large order. We may offer an exclusive discount in select situations.

Customers should take note that the prices published on the website does not include the cost of delivery or shipping. Additional cost for delivery should be advise by us separately.

In some cases, customers may ask for and receive refunds. We will return funds only to the credit card or Paypal account used to make the original purchase. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund customers using third party accounts, cash or cheques.


The discounted prices of products listed on this website does not include delivery or shipping costs. Additionally, each online discount or promotion code is not available for use with other discounts. You should take note of the freight table for additional delivery information.

We reserve the right to apply discounts during certain periods of time only. We will not apply discounts to orders that have already been placed. You must submit a discount before you complete the input of your payment details.


While Petals does make every effort possible to deliver products that look exactly like those featured on the website, some items are limited. Seasonal and under-supplied products may be replaced with a substitute. We reserve the right to use products of an equal or greater value as part of the order. We also ensure that the quality of the substituted item matches the quality of the ordered item. For example, we may send pink roses in the event of a red rose shortage.

Conditions of Delivery

Our website, Petals, displays the total required payment before the completion of checkout. In submitting payment details, customers agree to pay this additional delivery and shipping fee.

Any customer who does not choose to receive same-day delivery of purchased items may select a preference for delivery time. In the case that you did choose same-day delivery, please advise the time you would like to deliver and we will try our best to fulfil your needs. While we make every attempt to deliver flowers on time, traffic conditions and accidents may delay delivery. In the case that this happens, we will contact you as soon as possible.

We do not take responsibility for failed or delayed delivery due to any of the following reasons:

–  Nobody is available to accept the delivery at the specified location and time

– The address provided for shipping is not correct

–  The sender did not provide sufficient information about the recipient

–  The number on file for the recipient is not valid

– Authorities issue Typhoon Signal Number 8 or higher

– A Black Rainstorm Signal has been raised

If you have a very specific time frame or urgent delivery (within 6 hours) in which you expect your purchase to be delivered, you should get in touch with our Customer Support hotline at (852) 2521 3685. We need at least 12 hours to complete your delivery, and we reserve the right to turn down any request that do not have the resources to provide.

If we are unable to deliver a purchase as a result of unavailability on the recipient’s part or any inaccurate information, the sender is required to pay additional charges for the delivery. In the case of additional transportation time and re-delivery, Petals is unable to guarantee that the flowers will retain their exquisite quality. In some cases, we may be required to repackage items. If this is the case, a charge will be implemented.

If weather or traffic conditions make it impossible to deliver a purchase, we will make another attempt to deliver the items within 24 hours at no additional cost.

If an order must be redirected, we will implement a delivery surcharge.

If a specific time is requires e.g. Exact 3:30pm, there might be additional charge.

Same day delivery will be sent ASAP with additional urgent delivery charge.

If you have an urgent delivery, additional charges may be implemented depending on the availability of drivers and the recipient’s location.

Please contact us if you have any question.

As of the present time, Petals delivers items to Hong Kong and worldwide.


At some point, you may wish to cancel an order. If this is the case, please contact our customer service hotline at (852) 2521 3685, 48 hours before delivery time, administrative fee may apply. In the case that we have already purchase packaging materials and flowers, we may be unable to cancel your order. This is also the case if the package has already been shipped. You will be required to pay the full value of the purchase.

Please provide details about your order so that we can follow up effectively.

As mentioned above, we can only refund charges to the original PayPal or credit card account used to make the order.

Alterations and Amendments
Petals reserves the right to refuse requests for order amendments and alterations.

You must request any change to an order at least 48 hours before delivery. We cannot permit replacements and amendments that are made within 48 hours of pre-determined delivery. We cannot make an order amendment to products in the process of preparation or transportation. If we are able to make an amendment to the order, we cannot refund a discrepancy. If the amendment requires additional fees, the customer will be charged.

Flower Quality

While Petals is dedicated to sending flowers of excellent quality, flowers are perishable items. We hope that each gift we send will bring a smile to the recipient’s face. The life span of natural flowers may be affected by a number of conditions – where they are kept, how they are taken care of and how they are handled. In order to ensure that your flowers live for as long as possible, you should give the stems a beveled tail cut. Recipients should also replace the flowers’ water every other day, keep them out of direct sunlight and prevent them from overheating.

Because flowers, leaves and foliage are natural products, the way they look will differ depending on the season, environment and current weather. The product images used on Petals are for reference only. We try to ensure that flowers are of high quality and resemble the photos, but this is not a guarantee.

Returns and Refunds

Flowers are perishable and natural. For this reason, Petals is unable to accept refunds or returns. If you are unsatisfied with the flowers you have received, we encourage you to get in touch with our Customer Service hotline. We will deal with each case individually.
Refund handling charge will be applied to Paypal payment orders.


Petals is limited in liability in regards to each of the following factors:

– Replacement and supply of goods, in addition to the cost of replacing goods

– Supply of services and cost of supplying services

Petals does not guarantee that our website, information, ideas, products or services will meet your specific requirements. This limitation applies to any and all liability, however alleged, unless it is prohibited by the law.

In deciding to use this website, you acknowledge your inability to seek profit or revenue by using it. You agree that you are not trying to use Petals as a source of direct or indirect damages as the result of placing an order.

If there are inconsistencies between the English and Chinese versions of the website’s Terms and Conditions, the English version is considered supreme.


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