Petals flower shop helps our customers express their emotion at times. We offer bouquets, floral displays, fruit basket for different occasions. E.g. Love and Romance, Sympathy, Birthday, Congratulation, Graduations, New Born Babies, grand openings etc.
You can rely on us at the high points in your life, the low points, and everything in-between. We’ll help you speak your heart in a way that’s better than words.

Petals 是一間為於香港中環的花店,為顧客表達他們的情感。 我們為不同場合提供鮮花花束,開張花籃,花卉展示等。 例如:愛情與浪漫,生日花束,祝賀,畢業花束,新生嬰兒,為喪禮表達同情,果籃等。我們會幫助你以一種比言語更好的方式說出你的心。



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